I am a hairstylist and colorist at Agnes O. Salon, a full service salon in the Gold Coast.  Whatever kind of hair you have…  If you know exactly what you want, or maybe just know what you don’t want, I look forward to working with you to give you a look that will make you feel great and can duplicate at home! 

The salon is at 21 W Elm St, between State and Dearborn streets.  Details on visiting the salon and parking are here.   I know you'll love the customer-focused approach, the relaxed salon space and the fantastic staff!

I keep a variety of appointment times Tuesday through Saturday, and look forward to working with you:

  • Tuesday 10-5
  • Wednesday 11-7
  • Thursday 11-7
  • Friday 10-5
  • Saturday 9-3
Appointments with Corinne taken at Agnes O. Salon, 21 W. Elm St, Chicago Il, 312.265.0481